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Re: [xmca] MARKED activity within a Dynamic Systems Developmental Model


Can you say more about why you consider posture to be marked? On a (very) quick read through the article, the suggesting seems to be that standing the infant prevents the bodily memory of reaching to A from producing the A-B error. (A variety of other changes have the same effect.) What makes this a ZPD, in your reading?  

As for the nested character of time... I have to read further (and perhaps in a standing posture). :)


On Apr 6, 2011, at 9:58 AM, Larry Purss wrote:

> Smith and Thelan's article [attached] highlights some empirical evidence for
> the centrality of MARKED activity for development.  Refer especially to page
> 346 where 10 month old infants do the A not B task and the activity that
> becomes MARKED is a shift in posture from a sitting to a standing position.
> This marked shift in posture allows the infant to be in a ZPD that allows
> the infant to be successful on a task that is thought of as being a later
> developing capacity.

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