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Re: [xmca] Teresa in Ecstasy

I think there's also some discussion on this point in Mike's _Cultural Psychology_ book.

On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, mike cole wrote:

From the many ideas here, one stands out for me, David. You write:

It seems to me that what we need to study is not simply "context" but the
relationship between context and emergent text.

As hard as it is to keep in mind, I think in principle that text and
con-text have to be seen as co-constituitive. We run in to (at least)
notions of context that are there, waiting for a text/behavior/event to
occur, and the emergent system that enables us
to make a distinction between text and context.

Very inconvenient to us linear thinkers. Beautifully illustrated in
McDermott article in
Chaiklin Lave book on activity theory in practice from a prior decade or

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