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FW: FW: [xmca] Mejdunarodnaya kniga

>From my Russian-born colleague:

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Hi Peter,

I've done some research and it appears that the publishing house is up and running. Here is their website http://www.mkniga.ru and contact info mknigi@mkniga.uzel.ru<mailto:mknigi@mkniga.uzel.ru>. Mejkniga is the abbreviation for Mejdunarodnaya kniga. BTW, this is a Moscow-based publishing house. There is another Mejdunarodnaya kniga in Kiev, Ukraine.

Hope it helps!

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Vika, any help on this question? Thx,p

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Does any friend know the destiny of "Mejdunarodnaya kniga" after the
dissolution of the Soviet Union, acquired by any currently existing company?

Is the term "Mejkniga" surely the same thing and the abbreviation of it?
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