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[xmca] FW: [DIV15] J of Educational Research & Policy Studies Call for Manuscripts

*Journal of Educational Research & Policy Studies Call for Manuscripts*

The /Journal of Educational Research & Policy Studies/ (/JERPS/) seeks
quality manuscripts for consideration and possible inclusion in
forthcoming issues.

/JERPS/ aims to provide a national interdisciplinary forum for the
consideration of meaningful educational research initiatives and policy
analyses. Of particular relevance are empirical research designed to
either explicate or enhance the educational process, educational
programs, or educational policy. Research studies that use a range of
quantitative and qualitative methodologies will be considered; however,
the former is emphasized over the latter. All submitted manuscripts
undergo rigorous peer review, which is based on initial editor screening
and anonymous refereeing by two or more anonymous referees. The
journal's audience includes researchers, practitioners, and policy
makers interested in advancing educational research and improving
teaching, learning, and schooling.


    * Original research articles related to all levels and aspects of
      education (K-12, post-secondary, graduate, and professional
    * Evaluation of educational initiatives, policies, and practices.
    * Research critiques or reviews on select educational topics that
      hold strong implications for educators, policy makers, and
      educational stakeholders.

Instructions for Contributors

*Submission of Manuscripts*. Email manuscripts to
*JERPS.Submissions@gmail.com*. Include with your submission a statement
that the manuscript has been sent only to /JERPS/ and that it is not
under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts must be no
longer than 35 pages, double-spaced, including the abstract, notes, and
references. Manuscripts that do not comply with instructions specified
here will be returned to the author immediately.

*Manuscript Preparation*. Because all manuscript reviews are blind,
author names and affiliations should appear only in the cover letter. A
180-word abstract should appear after the title and before the main text
of the manuscript. The abstract should concisely state the problem,
method, data, and conclusion. In a review or discussion article, the
abstract should state the central thesis. Also provide, 3 - 5 keywords
that succinctly describe your manuscript and include them after the
abstract to aid researchers in Web searches.

Manuscripts must be no more than 35 pages, double-spaced, including
abstract, notes, and references. Research articles should be clearly
organized. Authors may use the following outline and order as a guide:

    * /*Introduction:*/ Present the nature, scope, and significance of
      the problem.
    * /*Literature Review:*/ Present and selectively discuss related
      research and include references essential to clarify the problem
      under examination. Resources should include both seminal and
      recent research.
    * /*Method:*/ Describe the sample, sampling procedures, data
      gathering instruments, and statistical procedures.
    * */Results: /*Summarize the data and their statistical treatment.
      Consider rival hypotheses and the importance of related studies
      and educational theory. Present a summary of the data (e.g.,
      means, standard deviations, frequencies, correlation) in tabular
      or graphic form. Report means, standard deviations, degrees of
      freedom, and sample sizes. Report statistics to two decimal
      places. Discussion of the data should be interpretive. Use the
      phrase ?statistical significance? in place of ?significance?
      whenever referring to the results of inferential tests. Report
      effect sizes. Discussion of meaning and implications of findings
      should be reserved for the discussion section.
    * */Discussion:/* Summarize findings and state the support or
      nonsupport of the original hypotheses. Compare results with the
      work of others, particularly those discussed in the literature
      review. Describe any theoretical or practical implications of the
      results. Discuss limitations of the research, improvements on
      research, or propose new research questions.

*Manuscript Format. *Use the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association (APA, 6th ed.) to prepare your manuscript.
Manuscripts should be double-spaced and in 12-point, Times New Roman
font, with 1-in.margins. Do not use forced section, page breaks, or
automatic footnotes. Tables and figures (illustrations) should be
embedded in the text, and be in accordance with APA format guidelines.

Questions? Contact Karee Dunn, co-editor, at kedunn@uark.edu. Email
manuscripts to *JERPS.Submissions@gmail.com*.


Karee E. Dunn
Co-Editor, Journal of Educational Research & Policy Studies

Assistant Professor
The University of Arkansas
College of Education and Health Professions
Educational Statistics and Research Methods
245 Graduate Education Building
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Phone: 479.575.8465
Fax: 479.575.2492

National Office for Research on Measurement and Evaluation Systems
309 West Avenue Annex
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville AR 72701
NORMES Office: 479.575.5593
NORMES Fax: 479.575.5185

Martha Carr
Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
tel.: 706-542-4504
fax: 706-542-4240

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