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[xmca] Re-reading Charles Tolman on "Society and context"

My travels brought me back to an article I had barely skimmed at the time,
some 9years after the conference the generated the paper in the first
place.I believe that the attached article articulates some basic principles
of a CHAT approach, as I understand it. I found it extremely helpful to me
to re-read it. It has not aged since 1990 in any significant way. In the
power world of psychology, THAT is the kind of contextualist approach to
development as expressed by the same scholars in the most recent large
handbook of child psychology.

I found particularly clear, for example, the distinction between the social
and the sociatal. Its discussion of basic methodological principles that I
believe can be traced back to Lewin about the experimental-genetic method
was also very helpful.

But that is me. You are you. I would like to discuss. I have lured Charles
into saying I could send the article around, he could barely remember what
it was about and he feared it out of date. I am taking the liberty of ccing
him in his retirement in the hopes that someone will say something so
deliciously interesting that he will bite on the apple and comment. Time
will tell.
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