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[xmca] AERA 2011- call for CHATers, like-minded and those interested

Dear fellow xmca-ers! 

Yes, the time frame is tight now - proposals for the 2011 AERA Annual
Meeting in New Orleans (April 8-12)  are due... next week!!! But we're
really hoping to see submissions from xmca-ers for papers and symposia
for inclusion in the 2011 Cultural Historical -SIG program.


The theme for the 2011 Annual Meeting is: "Inciting the Social
Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good" - details of the
theme can be found at http://www.aera.net/Default.aspx?id=10188 <
http://www.aera.net/Default.aspx?id=10188> .  We're welcoming all
submissions, although those that  explore this general theme from a
cultural-historical perspective are of special interest. 

You can also view this year's call for proposals at 
archer/3904/359-380_05EDR10.pdf .

Note: all proposals must be submitted electronically through the AERA
Online Proposal Submission System, which is now open at 

Please note also that the number of paper/symposium sessions available
at the Annual Meeting overall was decreased by about 30% from prior
years, and the emphasis on roundtable and poster sessions was increased.
We will do our best to accommodate the preferred format of accepted
proposals, but please do understand that traditional paper sessions and
symposia slots will be limited in comparison to past Annual Meetings.
We encourage you to consider whether alternative formats might also be
suited to your presentation, and to indicate this in your proposal.
Please feel free to communicate with us as Program co-Chairs if you have
questions about the format of your submission. 


Some folks have expressed an interest in virtual presentations. The New
Orleans meeting will be held in various hotels so internet connections
can't be guaranteed, but this doesn't preclude trying. We suggest a
prerecorded back-up, available on site, might be a way to ensure that
your work reaches your audience.
Finally, the new guidelines for individual paper, roundtable, and poster
sessions require submission of a "narrative paper" of 2000 words or
less, and not simply a "proposal to write a paper."  We want to
emphasize that the guidelines state that this paper "may be a final or
preliminary paper," and that the final paper need not be submitted until
3 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  We expect again to be generous in
our interpretation of "preliminary," especially during these
transitional years.
Please feel free to contact us for clarification of any of these
procedures.  We hope that you will consider our SIG when preparing your
We hope to hear from you!

Emily Duvall
Kevin O'Connor

Cultural-Historical Research SIG Program co-chairs

Kevin O'Connor
Assistant Professor
School of Education, 249 UCB 
University of Colorado
Boulder CO 80309

kevin.oconnor@colorado.edu <x-msg://6575/kevin.oconnor@colorado.edu>  




Emily Duvall, PhD

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
University of Idaho, Coeur d'Alene
1031 North Academic Way, Suite 242 | Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 
T 208 292 2512 | F 208 667 5275 emily@uidaho.edu
<mailto:barbm@uidaho.edu>  | www.cda.uidaho.edu


He only earns his freedom and his life, who takes them every day by
-- Johann Wolfgang Goethe 




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