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[xmca] Fwd: Fulbright Scholar Program

This might be great for any number of XMCA members. Minati Panda's visit
here was wonderful.

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From: Matto, Catherine <CMatto@iie.org>
Date: Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 9:27 AM
Subject: Fulbright Scholar Program
To: "mcole@weber.ucsd.edu" <mcole@weber.ucsd.edu>

 Dear Dr. Michael Cole,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing for two reasons. First, I
would like to thank you for hosting the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Minati
Panda from India. We hope it was a rich and rewarding experience for you and
the scholar. Second, I invite you to consider applying for a US Scholar
award in 2011-12, and to encourage your colleagues to be a part of this
important international experience.

As a faculty host, you have witnessed how essential living and working in a
country is to gaining a deeper understanding of its society and culture that
transcends popular portrayals and images. We hope you have seen the
professional and personal rewards your scholars derived from carrying out
activities that promote cooperation, education, and understanding across
borders that come with a Fulbright award. Why not see for yourself what it
is to be a Fulbrighter?*

Did you know that *India* has become one of the largest Fulbright Scholar
programs worldwide? There are approximately 75 awards in a wide variety of
fields for US Scholars. (http://www.cies.org/Fulbright/india/) Did you also
know that Fulbright has restarted its program in *Pakistan*? This vibrant
and growing program offers research and teaching opportunities in a variety
of fields, and grantees are no longer confined to Islamabad. (
http://www.cies.org/Fulbright/Pakistan/) Elsewhere in South Asia, awards are
also available in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, and Bhutan – and
there is a South and Central Asia Regional Research award if your research
spans 2 or more countries in the region. Teaching is in English, and letters
of invitation are often not required.

The US Scholar Catalog of Awards and application are online at
http://www.cies2.org/. We have many application resources online as well,
including tips for
frequently asked questions<http://www.cies.org/us_scholars/us_awards/FAQs.htm>,
project statement guidelines
project statement extracts). In addition, we have webinars on the
application process, specific countries, and more. You can visit the webinar
schedule <http://www.cies.org/Webinar/> for upcoming and archived webinars.

Please share this message with your colleagues. I am happy to answer any
questions you or they may have. The deadline for receipt of applications is
August 2, 2010 – about 3 weeks away – and yes, it is possible to start and
finish an application by then!

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,


*Please note that US citizenship is required for the US Scholar Program (see
eligibility requirements<http://www.cies.org/us_scholars/us_awards/Eligibility.htm>),
and there are 2 exceptions to the lifetime limits
Pakistan <http://www.cies.org/Fulbright/Pakistan/>)

*Catherine Johnston Matto*

Program Officer for Asia and the Pacific

Institute of International Education

Department of Scholar and Professional Programs

Council for International Exchange of Scholars

Scholars Division

3007 Tilden St. NW, Suite #5L

Washington, DC 20008

202-686-4020 | 202-362-3442

cmatto@iie.org | www.iie.org/cies

*The Fulbright Scholar Program and Humphrey Fellowship Program are
administered by the Institute of International Education’s Department of
Scholar and Professional Programs, which includes the Council for
International Exchange of Scholars and Humphrey divisions. *

*The competition for 2011-12 Fulbright Scholar grants is now open. The
application deadline for most programs is August 2, 2010. U.S. scholars and
professionals can learn how to present their credentials at **
www.iie.org/cies* <http://www.iie.org/cies>*.***
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