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[xmca] comparing NewYorker images

I want to use the occasion of martin coming late to the second of two new
yorker covers we have
been disscussing, to talk about some interesting properties of each and
different approaches to their
interpretation (I have still to deal with local microgenises).

What both images seem to have in common is that an overall concept covers
all the examples. One you see the overall concept, you
perception/interpretation of the constituents changes. And, if you are
working upward from the constituents, but still have not got "IT" the little
its do not "add up."

So someone sees the two eyeball shaped almost green things as "two green
dots." But after one takes
in the heart *near* the top, and then the two bells with what look like
ribbons, on may think (June=prominent
month for getting married, weddding bells...... and from there on, there are
functional relations among the parts and those functions have changed in
some cases where the function is difficult to discern, like those
two partly green eye shaped things. Now they become "two peas i a pod" and
you might notice that it is
kind of strange that they are only partly green.

I am pretty sure this is what Paula and David were writing about in a more
consistent way.

One thing I am pretty certain of. Getting "it" requires voobrazhenie,
into-image-making, and the process of
voobrazhenie is path dependent.

What would LSV think?
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