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[xmca] New ISCAR deadline

For those of you who have been beating your brains out to get abstracts in
to ISCAR by today,
this will be welcome news:

Dear friends, as you have seen in our Web Site. the deadline  of the ISCAR
conference is now extended to September 4th 2010. I hope to receive all your
proposals as soon as possible, and I ask you to act s pomoters of new

All the best to all  ISCAR Scientific committee, of you are distinguished
We accepted also to reduce the  size o the requested summary for evaluation
process, that is already in course., coordinated by Beatrice Ligorio. If you
receive proposals to evaluate, please answer fastly to such a  request.

Ciao , good work and  good wishes to all of you.


Clotilde Pontecorvo
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