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[xmca] FW: IAIMTE 2011 Conference

From: Rijlaarsdam, Gert [mailto:G.C.W.Rijlaarsdam@uva.nl] 
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:07 PM
To: IAIMTE maillist
Subject: IAIMTE 2011 Conference


Dear colleagues and subscribers to L1-Educational Studies in Language and


Below you will find the first announcement for the 8th IAIMTE conference in
2011. We hope to inform you soon via the IAIMTE website. You may want to
inform your colleaguesand your networks; therefore we attached the first
call as pdf to this message. 


On behalf of the organizer Prof Dr Irene Pieper,


Gert Rijlaarsdam


gert rijlaarsdam|university of amsterdam|





International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education


Eighth Bi-Annual Conference

Hildesheim/Germany, 15 ? 17 June 2011


PhD-Pre-conference Tuesday, June 14


Fostering literacies: teaching and learning in heterogeneous environments




The IAIMTE conferences, which took place every two years since 1997, are
successful because of their relatively small scale, the high level of social
interaction, and the diverse range of languages and educational cultures
represented. The 2011 conference builds on these strengths to create a
context where researchers and teacher educators meet to share their research
and reflections.


We invite you to participate in this conference for specialists in the
teaching & learning of language and literature. The conference aims to
exchange theory, research, curricular developments, and 'best practices' in
education (at all levels, ranging from early childhood to higher education),
teacher education and in-service. The exchanges and interactions offer an
international platform for language and education researchers and
practitioners ? including Ph.D. candidates ? to present their research and
reflections on L1 education in their particular national, educational and
school contexts to a truly international audience.



Fostering literacies: teaching and learning in heterogeneous environments


For the 2011 conference, we explore the current challenges of fostering
literacies in language and literature classrooms and beyond. Learning in the
field of language and literature is conceived of as a complex process that
heavily relies on interactions ? interactions in often heterogeneous
contexts. Creating favourable environments is thus a demanding task ? for
teachers, learners and institutions. One focus of the conference will be on
the teacher as a key-figure in planning and arranging the learning process.
As in previous conferences, the conference will be providing a forum for L1
educators from different educational and social cultures to exchange
experiences, research studies and reflections.

We invite you to contribute to Paper Sessions, Symposia, Workshops or Round
Tables (see below). We also encourage you to apply with a Symposium where
researchers and practitioners can focus on a shared interest.

The IAIMTE-team hopes that the sessions will illuminate differences and
similarities of different educational cultures and contexts.



We invite researchers and practitioners from a diverse range of countries to
present their

research and reflections on such themes as:

·         Developing literacies in heterogeneous classrooms

·         Language classrooms as sites for diverse and multiple oracies

·         Literature ? for children and other readers ? and learners?
reading choices

·         Addressing literacy cultures of new technologies (media; texting;

·         Enabling students to further develop their linguistic
repertoire(s) ? language awareness

·         Literacy as a key: language learning and linguistic demands in
other school subjects.



Professional competences in teaching language and literature         

Literacies (Reading and Writing) 

Literature, Fiction, Film and other media

Oracy (Speaking and Listening) 

Language Awareness and Language Teaching         

First and second languages in learning and teaching

Textbooks in mother-tongue teaching                         



Please note: Every session will last for 1,5 hours


Paper session (grouped by the Local Committee): three 20 minute papers on a
related theme are presented and discussed with the audience.

Symposium (organised by contributors): a maximum of three scholars each
present a short paper, proposed by an organiser, who also proposes one
discussant and a chair. If the theme is very extensive organisers might
consider covering more than one session.

Round Table (grouped by the Local Committee): in a round table session a
small group discussion is centred about the research or practice problem the
proposer wants to discuss. After a short introduction (with a handout) an
extended dialogue among participants follows This format is especially
interesting for projects in progress. 

Workshop: contains learning by doing (hands on activity) followed by

Demonstration: focus is on an educational tool. The presenters demonstrate
the process or strategy and provide time to discuss its pros and cons (two
demonstrations per session).

SIG?s Symposium: IAIMTE Special Interest Groups are invited to propose an
invited SIG symposium; the SIG coordinators send out a SIG call and hand in
abstracts for a symposium.

Structured poster sessions (grouped by the Local Committee) consist of about
five poster presentations with short oral introductions (5 minutes) and
in-depth discussion introduced by a discussant. To give participants access
to as many presentations as possible, all presenters prepare a poster.



Sigrid Bloemeke / Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, Albert Bremerich-Vos /
Universitaet Duisburg-Essen / Germany on teacher education and development
studies: learning to teach

Jacques Fijalkow / Crefi-T Université Toulouse-le-Mirail / France on
interactions and the teaching and learning of literacies 



Local organisers: Johannes Reinert and Jana Zegenhagen (Universitaet
Hildesheim ? Institut fuer deutsche Sprache und Literatur)


International Scientific Committee

Luisa Araujo, Minho / Portugal

Ilana Elkad-Lehmann / Israel 

Mike Fleming, Durham / GB 

Tanja Janssen, Amsterdam / Netherlands 

Thomas Lindauer, Aarau / Switzerland 

Irene Pieper, Hildesheim / Germany 

Gert Rijlaarsdam, Amsterdam / Netherlands 

Peter Smagorinsky, Georgia / US 

Shek Tse Kam, Hong Kong / China 

Dominique Ulma, Lyon / France 

Iris Winkler, Oldenburg / Germany 




Hildesheim University / Germany

Prof. Dr. Irene Pieper

Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur

Centrum für Bildungs- und Unterrichtsforschung (CeBU)

Forum Fachdidaktische Forschung


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