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[xmca] The Kravstova Article

I am very interested in this topic of "development as an interplay within institutional situations. I happen to believe that Martin Packer is LINKING some TRADITIONS and "opening spaces" for new ideas to EMERGE.
His pointing us to reading Hayden Whyte and Wolfgang Isser [a student of Gadamer].  They are writing within a hermeneutical TRADITION that focuses on temporality and historicity.  Isser's notion of a developmental triangle with FICTION at the APEX mediating the imaginal and the "real" seems to capture a dynamic that I seem to be "reading" into Martin's posts.
This tradition is sometimes called "Hermeneutical Realism" and is a middle ground between radical social constructionism and positivism. It posits the reality of TRADITIONS that we exist within and these traditions are forms of interpretation. This framework talks about EMERGENCE within LIVED EXPERIENCE and history and the imaginal are key concepts in this tradition
It seems to me the discussion on "institutional structures" and Gadamer's ideas on the centrality of TRADITIONS can be linked up to enrich the concept of the social situation of development [and link up cultural historical traditions with hermeneutical realism] to expand our "horizons of understanding" [Gadamer.]
I am relatively new to these ways of describing the human condition but I believe they hold a lot of promise for supporting the emergence of a pedagogy that is utopian, hopeful, and imaginal [all characteristics that I think are vital for social situations of development.

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