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[xmca] Book Reviewers-- Your suggestions are of course welcome!!

Folks-- We sent out suggestions for review of books which are sent to MCA.
suggestions from XMCA participants just as we ask XMCA participants (and
others!) if they
would like to review.  Our main exclusionary criterion is that we try not to
have books reviewed
that are written by MCA editorial board members or anyone for whom it might
appear there is
a conflict of interest. This actually leads to exclusion of books, which in
my view, would be interesting to
MCA members to read about..... no one knows everything about anything (and
sometimes, in my case,
vice versa).

So, if you have suggestions of books, including suggestions of books you
wrote or edited (or in the case
today, of mentioning a probably of-interest book by someone whose article is
under discussion at XMCA)
send a note to leslie, stanton, camille, or me. We will pass it on.

As Peter suggested, do not send to all of xmca because everyone is busy and
we have to be mindful
of our personal and computer bandwidths..
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