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RE: [xmca] speaking in verbs

Hi, Andy.

I guess you wanted to say "Thinking and speech" rather than "Thought and Language". "Rietch" can be "speech, language, discourse" but not "word". "Word" = slovo is about Chapter 7... I like to think about "retch" as the parole in the diade Langue/parole from Saussure. Formalists, for instance translated "Langue/parole" as "Iazik/retch"... Retch is also language, but the language "in act" - in social concrete comunication act... Retch is used for Writing too... "psimennaya retch" (wrote language) (I don´t remember the correct spelling of the adjective...), then we can not think "retch" only as spoken, "phasical" aspect of discursive process... Lets Russian people, and Mike, and others check my impressions... about that philosophical superiority, I guess I did not understand what is the point... There must be some difference between "mishlenie" (in the title of the book) and "misl" ( in title of chapter 7)... but I am not so sure if is the same difference between process and fact... neither if this corresponds strictly to the difference between "thinking" and "thought" --- "Speech" and/or "language" X "slovo" (word), is easier to understand I guess. My problem is that I don't know English as well as I don't know Russian too. But I have curiosity, even so.



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> Subject: [xmca] speaking in verbs
> Can anyone tell me who was the first to insist on the title 
> of Vygotsky's famous work being translated as "Thinking and 
> Speech" rather than "Thought and Word" and does anyone know 
> of the most famous or first claims made about the importance 
> of thinking speaking in verbs rather than nouns. And any 
> claims to the contrary, that nouns are the best, and has 
> anyone claimed that adjectives and adverbs are 
> philosophically superior?
> Andy
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