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Re: [xmca] abolish schools?

Well, I should think you could save a lot more than 100 billion this way ...

And playing videogames all day might actually be a better education, at least past the first few grades, than the boring and mostly useless stuff the national curricula are stuffed with.

But I rather doubt that kids would spend all day playing them, which might be a good thing, too. Maybe they would actually get to spend some time seeing the world of adult life, from which schools wall them off.

I'd agree that entertainment has become de facto our primary system of education today, because kids both pay more attention to it, and remember more of what they get from it, than they do with school. Schools refuse to compete with entertainment, to adopt relevant content for kids, to use up-to-date communication methods.

World of Warcraft might not be the university of the future (there won't be universities in the future, I'd say), but it could well be a model for a big part of the education of the future.

I've given some thought to these matters, and there's a quick summary and a link to more details on my new blog at:



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