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[xmca] Cultural-historical summer school in Moscow

Below is the announcement of THE IIIInternational Cultural-Historical Summer
School. See also the attached document.
Best regards,

International society of L.S.Vygotsky.

L.S. Vygotsky fund.

L.S.Vygotsky Institute of Psychology


Dear colleagues!

We'd like to remind you that International Society of L.S.Vygotsky, L.S.
Vygotsky Fund and L.S.Vygotsky Institute of Psychology from *05 July *till *17
July* *2010* in Moscow Region will hold the

* *

*III International Cultural-Historical Summer School*

* *


The International Summer School 2010 will be devoted mainly to the problems
of play. Our work will be held in several areas.

   1. First of all, during education we will work out general cross-cultural
   psychological content of the "play" concept.
   2. The play is used widely in psychology and various social practices,
   connected with psychological science. We will define the psychological basis
   of play, its essential characteristics, its difference from other types of
   activity while studying play as special psychological activity and
   children's and adults' organization form of vital activity.
   3. There are many types and forms of play, which are presented and are
   developed in different psychological age periods. The original play
   periodization in ontogenesis will be presented during the School.
   4. Many researchers from different countries are saying that from one
   side children has been playing less and worse lately and from other side -
   that play became permanent attribute of adult's life. Thereby the special
   attention during the School will be attended to the conditions of different
   play types' formation and development and to the questions of personal
   features of children and adults with play problems.
   5. We will introduce you to various games including the special ones,
   that are designed for education and development construction and
   6. At the Summer School we will also offer you to get acquainted with the
   "Golden Key" program, which is based on L.S. Vygotsky cultural-historical
   theory and includes play as one of the primary types of activity.

Any additional information about Summer School you can find on our web-site

If you have any questions - please write to sschool@levb.org or

Registration fees and registration form you can find in additional file.

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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