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[xmca] Chigano, Gypsy, Roma in an international context

Dear all,
The last few years part of my research involves studying mathematical
'development' with Gypsy children and I have published some of my work
mainly in European journals or books edited by European editors. 
As I try to move on to a more 'international' context I realize that the use
of words such as Chicano, Gypsy or Roma take very different meanings to the
ones I would use at either a local (Greek-Gypsy community) or a European
context. For example in Greece the word 'Gypsy' could, at times and for
some, be insulting and people would rather the word Chicano as a
self-description of who they are. Recent European policies enforce using
Roma as a 'community' term signifying who these people are, and 'inventing'
even a flag (!..) for promoting greater uniformity and group-identity.
I am wondering what is the case in the US. So far, I realize that in the
Americas (North and South) the word chicano refers to Latino people - which
in fact is a different community, or isn't it?
I would appreciate any ideas, clarifications, references concerning the
above use of terms. 
Many thanks,
Anna Chronaki

Associate Professor
University of Thessaly
Volos, Greece.

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