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[xmca] Some thoughts on imagination

Attached is a power point presentation, the latter part of which draws on
the work of Robert
Lecusay, whose work with Beth Ferholt on play people were discussing a while
back. That latter
part cannot be shown in the ppt I am sending. What I would draw people's
attention to is the idea
that ALL of human thought involves an element of imagination, that
imagination and creativity
are closely linked to each other, and that this goes for unicorns and the
communities studied by
Jon Tudge and his colleagues.

There is no doubt that the constraints on interpretation of reality vary
enormously -- that ethnography of a community and stories about the heroic
Scots' invention of the kilt are not, so to speak, woven out of the same
cloth. But that Gregory Bateson "imagined" the Iatmul and that I am imaging
XMCA, even as I participate in it, seems, well, not an imaginary claim.

Yours to imagine.

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