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Re: [xmca] The social and the emotional

Hi everyone
Mike I will delete long trailing pages before sending.
The discussion about the place of emotions and their sociocultural roots has BEEN FASCINATING.
Mike, earlier, you asked a question about "primary intersubjectivity" as articulated by Trevarthen as NOT being sociocultural.  I was reading D. Stern and Tronick from the "boston Change Process Group" at that time. 
I then read Gergely's and Fonagy's work in this area  as I try to understand the function of affect in development.
Rod P. whose posts show a similar curiosity about affect and engagement said he was reading Vasudevi Reddy's book "How Infant's Know Minds" Her book is an excellent summary of the competing views on this topic.
She points out there are 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person accounts of communicative engagement.  She definitely comes down on the 2nd person ego-alter account of communication and makes a case for  "communication" in 2 month old infants. 
I know this position will be challenged by scholar's such as Tomasello but the dialogue between these positions points to the centrality of "feeling-attuning" in development.
I've attached an 18 page article that Reddy wrote with Trevarthen outlining the position they take on this fascinating topic.
I believe it connects directly to my questions on why many students are orienting more to peers than adults in current public school cultures.
Whether one agrees with Reddy's position or challenges her account, the THEME it engages IS central to developmental accounts.
Thanks Rod for suggesting Reddy's book

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> “affect is the alpha and omega, the first and last link, the
> prologue and epilogue of all mental development” (LSV, 1943, The
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