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Re: [xmca] Mary Had a Little Lamb: the concept categories

A question on chapter 6 of R&L. Vygotsky provides some data on the first few pages, which I plotted (attached) and found that I had reproduced his own diagram later in the chapter. This is from the study asking children to complete sentences with 'because' or 'although,' using either everyday concepts (EC) or scientific concepts (SC). LSV interprets the data as showing that responses employing SCs are always at a higher level, but that with time they 'pull up' the ECs. The first figure does seem to show this. It shows results from asking the children "Because..." qustions. At 2nd grade the SC results are higher than the EC results, while at 4th grade although the responses using SC are scored even higher, those using EC have caught up. But in the second diagram, showing data from "Although..." questions, the gap between SC and EC grows over time/age/grade. The difference between SC and EC is greater at 4th grade than at 2nd grade. This seems to run counter to LSV's statements. Any suggestions about how to reconcile the claims with the data?


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