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[xmca] FW: 2011 in Aruba! ISLS Call for Papers



To see the call for papers in a browser, visit

The International Society for Language Studies is pleased to announce that
it will hold the biennial conference June 23-25, 2011 at the Renaissance
Aruba Resort
sino/> & Casino in Oranjestad, Aruba.  We join Aruba, an island and
autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands lying just 27
kilometers north of Venezuela, as they celebrate 25 years of independence,
or status aparte.

Language in Aruba includes the official languages of Dutch and the creole
Papiamento. All Aruban students are also expected to learn English. The
diverse culture and rich history of the island, like many islands in the
Caribbean, form an appropriate backdrop for the ISLS 2011 conference.

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To submit a proposal, visit www.isls-inc.org/conference.htm 


Making Hotel Reservations

The hotel will extend the special rate of $149/night for 3 days before and
after the conference as a courtesy to our members.  Check here for
instructions on how to take advantage of this pricing.



How do I get to Aruba? For most attendees, the only option is to fly.
Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (Airport Code: AUA) is served by the
following airlines: Aires, Air Canada, American Airlines, American Eagle,
ArkeFly, Aserca Airlines, Avianca, Avior Airlines, Continental Airlines,
Delta Airlines, Dutch Antilles Express, Insel Air, JetBlue Airways, KLM -
Royal Dutch Airlines, Martinair, North American Airlines, Santa Barbara
Airlines, Skyservice Airlines, Surinam Airways, Tiara Air, United Airlines,
US Airways and USA 3000 Airlines. 

How do I get to the hotel from the airport? Information about transportation
to and from the airport, including rental cars, is available at
http://www.airportaruba.com/en/to <http://www.airportaruba.com/en/to&from/>

Will I need a car? The hotel is located near several shops, restaurants, and
the beach, so this depends on what you wish to do when you are not at the
conference. There will be several options within walking distance, or via a
bus, shuttle bus, or taxi. 

Will there be alternate hotels available? Since Aruba is a popular
destination, there are several hotels in Orangestad. We have selected the
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino due to its high customer satisfaction
rating, facilities, and value to our members. We have negotiated a great
deal and hope that members can take advantage of the reduced room rate. If
it is still a little out of your budget, you might consider sharing a room
with a colleague (see below). 

Will there be roommate matching available? ISLS does not conduct roommate
matching per se, but you may post messages about roommate sharing in the
members' area message board. The message board will be available
approximately three months prior to the conference. 

How should I dress? The average temperatures in June in Orangestad are
89F/32C (high) and 80F/27C (low). While the norm for most conference events
is business casual, pack to take advantage of the resort's amenities (beach,
nightlife), too! 

Do I need a visa to enter Aruba?
Official information regarding visa requirements for tourists is available
at http://www.aruba.com/sigma/Entry_Req-Eng.pdf  (a list of those who need a
visa to visit Aruba is on page 2; a list of those exempted from visa
requirements is on page 3). To apply for a visa to enter Aruba, please
contact the consulate or embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in your
country of residence (see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at
http://www.mfa.nl/en  to locate the consulate or embassy nearest you) well
in advance of the conference. 

How do I get a letter of invitation to support a visa application?
Contact Elizabeth Miller, Conference Registration and Exhibits Chair, at
miller@isls-inc.org to inquire about a letter of invitation. 


Co-Chairs:  Paul Chamness Miller and Terry A. Osborn
Program co-chairs:  Miguel Mantero and John Watzke
Registration and Exhibits Chair:  Elizabeth Miller
Communications Chair:  Terry A. Osborn
Hospitality Chair:  Jennifer Wooten
Graduate Student Chair: Maria Fernanda Montes Valencia




The International Society for Language Studies will hold its 2011 Conference
June 23-25, 2011 at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Aruba. The
theme of the conference will be "Critical Language Studies: Focusing on
Identity." Paper and poster session proposal submission will open on April
1, 2010, and conclude on September 1, 2010. Submissions will not be accepted
after the September 1 deadline. Notification of proposal acceptance and
rejection will be sent in October, 2010. All presenters who have not
registered for the conference by November 1st, 2010, will be removed from
the program. Selected conference papers will be published by ISLS in the
Readings in Language Studies Series in 2012.

About the Theme

Language is more than the words that are communicated from one to another.
Language represents our identity in terms of our relationships with others,
how we are connected to others, power between individuals or groups, and so
forth. The focus of this conference provides the opportunity for scholars to
explore the many possible connections between language and identity. In
order to provide a guide and structure to the theme, the following represent
possible key words (called strands) to describe your proposed session.


Discourse and Identity
Language & Identity in the Professions & Workplace
Language Teaching Practices & Pedagogy
Language & Culture

Explanation of Strands

Discourse and Identity
This key word should be used to describe original research on issues of
discourse and identity in language and literacy research. Individual
proposals may focus on: the relationship between language practices and
identity, identity construction within particular linguistic spaces,
bridging identity theory and SLA theory, the influence of contexts on
language learners' identities, and related areas of inquiry.

Language & Identity in the Professions and Workplace
This key word should be used to describe proposals that investigate the
intersection of identity & language, as they are related to research,
teaching, and professional and workplace practice. Papers may focus on areas
such as language use in these contexts, as it relates to identity; language
analysis as it relates to identity (theoretical and applied phonology,
morphology, syntax, semantics, and discourse analysis); or language
processing at it relates to identity (computational linguistics,
neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics).

Language Teaching Practices and Pedagogy
This key word should be used to describe proposals that address theory,
research, or practice of any aspect of language teaching and learning within
the context of identity. Papers may include topics such as assessment,
curriculum, instruction, teacher preparation and inservice, teacher
development, and other maters related to culturally and linguistically
diverse learners.

This key word should be used to describe proposals that address issues
related to language policy within the context of identity. Interdisciplinary
studies are encouraged and research utilizing a variety of methodologies is
sought. Papers may focus on language policy formation, language planning,
language rights, language education policy and other related areas of study
in complex, multilingual societies. Empirical studies contributing to
theories of language policy and the identification of emergent issues
related to identity are welcome.

Language and Culture
This key word should be used to describe proposals that address issues
related to conceptualizations of language in the public imaginary. Papers
may include topics such as language variety and discrimination, the
commodification of culture, and similar sociolinguistic concerns, as they
relate to identity.

Not sure which key word best fits for your proposal? Choose this key word
and the Conference Chairs will work to place your proposal with relevant
papers in a session.

Proposals can be submitted beginning April 1, 2010.

For step-by-step instructions on the proposal process, click here
<http://www.isls-inc.org/proposalprep.pdf> .  To see these instructions, you
will need you will need Adobe Reader, a free download available at
http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/, if you do not already have it on
your computer.


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