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Re: [xmca] Teaching on the Emotions

Which one? Peter Moxhay's new translation or the previous one on Generalization?


ulvi icil wrote:
Does anybody have a pdf of Davydov's book please :)

2010/3/24, Dot Robbins <drobbins72000@yahoo.com>:
Dear Achilles, Andy, and All,
Oh, my goodness...I can't get too "emotional" about the article, and hope
it is put on your website, Andy. My question only regarded the actual
sources of the text, nothing else.
Truly, I am very disturbed that academic books are so expensive in English,
and have never understood why the Collected Works of Vygotsky have not been
put in paperback, or made free for all. My point was that even with the
expensive Collected Works in English, many people seemed to profit (I
actually don't know who) from the publication of the series, and yet no
money was ever given to the Vygotsky family. Thanks to the work of Jim
Wertsch over the years, the Vygotsky family has received some (minimal)
funds that Jim has collected from giving people permission to use Vygotsky's
picture in books.
I don't have an answer to the problems of the high costs of academic
publishing....and, I am very frustrated… Peter Moxhay spent years
translating a book by V. V. Davydov (Problems of Developmental Instruction,
Nova Science, 2008), and on amazon.com it still states that people should
sign up for the book when it becomes available...I doubt if anyone has
reviewed this excellent book for journals, because it has not been
advertised in general....The book costs over $70, and clearly, it is
extremely frustrating. I don't know what rights I have as editor, but, have
seriously been thinking about the idea of sending out an earlier version of
the book (only with Peter’s permission)...This is a huge issue in academia,
especially with the problems of "vanity" publishing! If it is allowed, why
don’t you both copy all of the Collected Works in English? I do not know the
legal issues of such a step. However, please give the original sources.

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