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[xmca] object/objective/motivation for play

Anybody remember the discussion in Montreal* after Eugene spoke of the example of his son wanting to hang out at the mall (for what object/objective/motivation?)?

Now I'm thinking there might be something of Dewey's notion of experience of the aesthetic as that which requires no object/objective/motivation beyond itself.

*My memory is very visual, which is how I know it was Montreal ... I could find that room in the Sheraton right now if I was there. Mike arrived late.

On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, mike cole wrote:

I have been pondering David Ke's question about the
object/objective/motivation for play. It came together in my thinking with
Yrjo's metaphor of being always "just over the horizon" and its dual
material and ideal nature, most recently mentioned by Wolf-Michael. Might it
be the dream of being coordinated with a world entirely consistent with
one's own dreams? A world, extending, as Leslie White put it, that extends
from infinity to infinity, in both directions?

probably not, just wondering.
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