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[xmca] AERA professional development course

AERA is coming up soon and Kevin and I will be sending the Cultural Historical Research SIG program to all very soon.
I want to draw your attention now to a professional development course being given by Carrie Lobman, Tony Perone and me. Please consider it for yourself and spread the word - it promises to be different and worthwhile!
Thanks in advance.

PDC26. Implementing and Researching Performatory Learning Environments: Meeting the Challenge of Integrating Cognitive-Social-Emotional Learning

Directors:            Lois Holzman, East Side Institute, Carrie Lobman, Rutgers University,

Jaime Martinez, East Side Institute, Tony Perone, University of Illinois, Chicago

Date:            Monday, May 3, 8:00 am–12:00 pm

Fee:            $40


This course introduces education researchers to the expanding field of performance practices and related research on the performatory learning model. It is designed for graduate students and faculty exploring interdisciplinary approaches to education and education research, particularly those interested in creativity, the arts and performing arts, cognitive-social learning, and the interplay of in-school and outside-of-school learning environments. The goals of this course are to (1) introduce theatrical performance, particularly improvisation, as an effective tool for building socially and emotionally supportive and productive learning environments; (2) generate interest in new research that examines the value of performance for education; (3) link social-emotional learning with the expanding field of performance studies; (4) provide a forum for examining both the chasms and the interrelationships between learning in formal and informal settings and how they are researched and evaluated.

Lois Holzman, Director
East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy
920 Broadway, 14th floor
New York NY 10010
tel. 212.941.8906 ext. 324
fax 718.797.3966

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