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[xmca] New Book

Apols for x-posting - a book of great relevance for folks here.


Craig Brandist and Katya Chown (Eds)

Politics and the Theory of Language in the USSR 1917-1938: The Birth of
Sociological Linguistics

London: Anthem Press 2010.

ISBN-13: 9781843318408
ISBN: 1843318407

Table of Contents

1.	Introduction, Craig Brandist

2.	Soviet Linguistics of the 1920s and 1930s and the Scholarly Heritage,
Vladimir Alpatov

3.	’Sociology’ in Soviet Linguistics of the 1920-30s: Shor, Polivanov and
Voloshinov, Mika Lähteenmäki

4.	Theoretical Insights and Ideological Pressures in Early Soviet Linguistics:
The Cases of Lev Iakubinskii and Boris Larin, Victoria Gulida

5.	Early Soviet Linguistics and Mikhail Bakhtin’s Essays on the Novel of the
1930s, Craig Brandist and Mika Lähteenmäki

6.	Language as a Battlefield: the Rhetoric of Class Struggle in Linguistic
Debates of the First Five-Year Plan Period. The Case of E.D. Polivanov vs. G.K.
Danilov, Kapitolina Fedorova

7.	The Tenacity of Forms: Language, Nation, Stalin, Michael G. Smith

8.	The Word as Culture: Grigorii Vinokur's Applied Language Science, Vladislava

9.	Language Ideology and the Evolution of Kul´tura iazyka (‘Speech Culture’) in
Soviet Russia, Michael S. Gorham

10.	Psychology, linguistics and the rise of applied social science in the USSR:
Isaak Shpil´rein’s The Language of the Red Army Soldier, Craig Brandist

11.	Appendix 1: Introduction to Japhetidology: Theses, Ivan Meshchaninov
(translated, with an introduction by Craig Brandist) 

12.	Appendix 2: Glossary of names cited in the texts, Craig Brandist and Katya

13.	Appendix 3: Contributors

14.	Index_______________________________________________
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