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Re: [xmca] Classical German Philosophy(Ideal/practice)

If by "measure" you mean metrication, my response would be that if formation is metricated, it's being reduced to mere production.

Is "development" a matter of formation, or of production? I will leave that to those whose concern is with "development." (BTW, I think the answer here may differ from how my US colleagues in Dev Psych tend to think about it.)

On Tue, 9 Mar 2010 ERIC.RAMBERG@spps.org wrote:

Interesting shrapnel of the original thread!

During the practice there is indeed the "truth" of the activity, there is
no disputing this.  But measuring the "truth" is a different matter.  In
my mind what is the point of talking about social activity leading
development if there aren't measurements?  I believe the answer to this
goes back to LSV's "concept" that instruction/teaching &
appropriation/learning have two different measures.

what do others think?
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