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Re: [xmca] Is the Ideal factual

Hi Andy,

I am not sure Yrjö is "listening" to the messages here, Mike is, and if anyone has had great contacts with Yrjö, then it is Mike.

I would think there be two ways to go, perhaps 3, and this depends on copyright.

If Yrjö is the copyright holder, then he can decide what might happen. He could ask some university publisher to publish it again, or, and this might not be a bad idea, have ICHS Lehmanns in Berlin publish it, they have a great series and a number of Yrjö's books have appeared there. I am sure that Georg Rückriem, who is the field editor, would look favorably at this. Here is the link:


The third option is to have it published through the ways in which you got Leont'ev back on the market and available.

I see that even Yrjö's German version no longer is available. 



PS: Yrjö, if you are "listening", you could way in what your position is on getting the Learning by Expanding back and make it available for new members in our community to purchase it.

On 2010-03-06, at 5:40 PM, Andy Blunden wrote:

It would be great, Michael, if you could convince Yrjo to let me do the same with his "Expanding" book, which is now unavailable either new or secondhand.


Wolff-Michael Roth wrote:
> "The Problems ...", a book I had scanned and Andy somehow gets it published now so that it is available for 20 or 30 bucks.
> Cheers,
> Michael

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