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Re: [xmca] Consciousness reframed?

Jay, the word is around a lot, so it's reasonable for Mike to ask "what does it mean?" but the kind of issues you raise caused me to say "It's a category" and one not amenable to "empirical study of it as such." Empirical study would have to be directed towards something more definite.
Jay Lemke wrote:
I think that this, for me at least, relegates “consciousness” to the status of a fancy locution that does not really point me toward a phenomenon about which I could learn surprising and important things that were not already implicit in the discourse usage of the term. I suppose that is equivalent to saying I wouldn’t bother trying to make an empirical study of it as such. What I would study is how activity depends on the ways in which we mediate our doings and feelings semiotically and culturally. Or otherwise just how the echo effect emerges and why it makes us feel the way it does. It’s quite possible that these two research agendas don’t ever converge. Or maybe they do.

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