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RE: [xmca] Yaroshevskii - "Perezhivanie and the drama of the development of personality"

Thank you, Mike.

David Shaenfield had provided a copy from Problems of Philosophy,
I didn´t post here before, only because nobody else had manifested interest
about the topic. But here is it, now. Excuse me. The two texts can be
almost the same, but seems that there is some little differences too.
To Vygotsky in the text "The crisis of the seven years", "perezhivanie" is
"the true dynamic unit of consciousness", if he was right, it is not surprising 
that people have some interest in this subject. I don´t know if a "dynamic
unit" is the same that a "unity of analysis". In "Thinking and speech" the
same author says that there is no way to we know the other perezhivaniia
without language... The term "perezhivanie", I search, is present in Vygotsky
works since the book about Hamlet, as "mystical perezhivanie", "hero pere-
zhivanie" an so on, in psychology of art as "aesthetic perezhivanie" and
"artistic perezhivanie", "hero perezhivanie" again... in other texts again it
appears in methodological terms, including critical ones, about the treatment 
of perezhivaniia in the "old psychology" (in 1931). "Consciousness as perezhivanie
perezhivanii" (1925), etc., etc., etc. The methodological role and theoretical
meaning, certainly is not the same in each work, but there are some clues in
them about the polisemic semantic fields... About "possessing the right qualities"...
well... what can we do to possess them in future, Mike?

Thank you again.
>From Brazil. 

> Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 13:29:13 -0700
> Subject: Fwd: [xmca] Yaroshevskii - "Perezhivanie and the drama of the 	development of personality"
> From: lchcmike@gmail.com
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> Dear Colleagues- Attached is an article on Perezhivania and development that
> Achilles asked for before. This is from last chapter of book by
> Yaroshevskii, but Boris Mershcheryakov says its the same as the Problems of
> Philosophy article.
> I am cc'ing Pentti in hopes that he will see fit to publish it in J. of
> Russia and East European psych given all the interest in perezhivanie......
> of which there is both too much and an inssufficient amount possessing the
> right qualities, it seems to me.
> mike
> If you don't care  or read Russian, delete now!!

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