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Re: Fwd: [xmca] Estranged

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009, mike cole wrote:

Two gates to the city. Here, Tony, is the the Lave and McDermott
Piece and thanks to David Shaenfield for a link directly to Outlines that I
was unable to find in a separate message.

Marx my words, this is a great group! (Whether I am conscious of it or not?,
materially speaking?)


I agree, this is a great group (thanks Mike et al. for your efforts over the years).

Maybe this is a time to mention that for years, colleagues such as David Ki and Eugene were forwarding xmca messages to me before I joined. What held me up from joining was that, at the time, the process required introducing who you were, and I wasn't clear enough yet about that.

Anyway, about this particular matter, the linke to Outlines was in my initial message. What I was asking about was a pdf of the Cambridge UP version. The substance is already in the Outlines, so that's fine for our discussion (Thanks!). Also, I'm not so much requesting that we discuss this, as suggesting that it may be relevant to the question of production v. formation. L & M are concerned with estrangement/exploitation. To me producttion v. formation is more about the commodity form & exchange value v. use value; but I think these are closely related.
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