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Re: [xmca] Happy Planet Index

How it is nice to receive an email from the country of Victor Jara who says:

Yo no canto por cantar
ni por tener buena voz,
canto porque la guitarra
tiene sentido y razón

I do not sing for singing
neither because I have a good voice
I sing because the guitar
has sense and reason (mind)

Avoiding to present this as a great discovery, we can perhaps qualify
the guitar (and the singer who plays it) as almost a unique single
"tool" of socially formed mind among many musical instruments or the
socially formed mind itself materialized in a musical instrument...

On 28/07/2009, David Preiss <davidpreiss@uc.cl> wrote:
> XMCArs,
> Found this interesting and worth reading because of its potential
> cultural implications. And congrats to all my Latin American
> colleagues since the report suggest we live in one of the happiest
> places in the world. Polemical, indeed.
> http://www.happyplanetindex.org/
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