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Re: [xmca] LSV/Internalization/CH-Language

Hi Peter
I'm interested in reading this article on Vygotsky and Freire. Did you put  
it up on xmca? If you did, I certainly missed it. Do you think you could 
send it  to me? Thanks.
I hope all is well with you. 
Eliana Hirano
Dept. of Applied Linguistics and ESL
Georgia State  University
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smago@uga.edu writes:

Sure,  thanks! p

Peter Smagorinsky
Professor of English Education  
Department of Language and Literacy Education
The University of  Georgia
125 Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA  30602

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Dot and Peter, in Brasil there is a  these about Freire and Vygotsky. Its
title is "Freire and Vigotski: a  dialogue between freire's pedagogy and
historical-cultural psychology".  This these is disponible on virtual 
of USP - Universidade de São  Paulo. The author of these is Solange Maria
Alves Poli. 

Peter, do  you can send me his article?

Joao  Martins

João Batista Martins
Rua  Pref. Hugo Cabral, 1062/142
Londrina - PR - Brasil
CEP:  86020-111

emaill: jbmartin@sercomtel.com.br

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Dear  Peter,
Thanks for you article on Freire-Vygotsky....it was sent on a public  
so I will try to answer that way. The answers are with a view to  those
interested in Freire-Vygotsky....I liked your article very much....I  was 
sure what to do, but have tried to state things that will hopefully  create 
new discussion between some on the possible, future connections  with
Freire-Vygotsky. I am hoping that you are creating a real bridge  between
With warm  regards,

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