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RE: [xmca] http://www.elluminate.com/support/

I worked with this software in a course last semester. First, it is
synchronous, so as opposed to other online learning systems that may be more
like old-fashioned correspondence classes, it provides a medium more like a
live classroom. When participants access the meeting, they can hear each
other, see visuals, see a common visual like a powerpoint, an application, a
webpage, etc. Also, participants can message each other on a chat board,
raise their hand or use tools to post to the whiteboard. Once, everyone
trouble shoots their computers, software compatibility, and headsets, it is
relatively smooth. 

I think it has real potential to be used with a more collaborative style
classroom management to enable distance learning and accessibility.

My advice: practice, practice, practice before holding the first session.
Make sure you have good tech support for the students so they are not

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Is anyone familiar with this software and willing to comment on it?


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