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Re: [xmca] http://www.elluminate.com/support/

I used Elluminate for the 1st time this past winter in a mixed mode course. We met one day a week on-line. It has an interactive white board, chat section, you can post PPTs and podcasts, post URLs for videos, take student surveys. Students can raise their virtual little hands, reply yes or no, speak over a microphone, etc.

The students loved it. Enjoyed not having to drive onto campus during the winter weather.

Something interesting - I discovered that while presenting a Powerpoint talk the students were commenting and asking questions by typing in the chat section. I was responding to their questions and they were interacting with each other with comments. Classroom participation actually increased using Elluminate over face to face meetings. When I asked them they agreed that it was easier to comment and most are expert texters. Class of 35, btw.

Great program. We have a site license but not too many faculty have picked up on it yet. I will certainly use it again.

John R. Haught, PhD
Asst Prof of English/TESOL &
Teacher Education
Wright State University

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> http://www.elluminate.com/support/
> Is anyone familiar with this software and willing to comment on it?
> thanks,Peter
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