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[xmca] Ah!! Vygotsky is the villain!!

Hi Peter-- So its old LSV himself who is the villain!! Bloody minded
transmissionist that he was. What a pity.

And here poor David is laboring over Chapter 7.

I need to get off to read some of your citations. But thought I might simply
juxatpose one of your conclusions with
work of LSV's that I am working on at the present time (see below). What do
you make of it? Probably just confused inconsistency?

Lets hope some of the linguists on XMCA with greater knowledge than mine can
join into a discussion. I need to read a lot further.
Thanks for posting.


One of the first casualties of this approach, as we shall see, is the sense
of anything much in the way of the child’s creative or independent
contribution to his or her own development or even of just sheer
bloody-mindedness on his or her part. Instead, we have quite a rigid
transmission model of linguistic and cultural development that sharply
contrasts with other work. - Jones

“All that is the work of the human hand, the whole world of culture, is
distinguished from the natural world because it is a product of human
imagination and creativity based on imagination.”  -  Vygotksy
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