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Re: [xmca] a tool for the 6th dimension - 'cogeographic awareness' ?

A fascinating talk Paul thanks I must spend an evening or two pref in winter going through TED amazing resource.

Recently I blogged about a term which came to me, which I thought I had found on the web - 'cogeograpy' or 'cogneographic':


I've just posted the following comment to Computing (yet to appear) at ....


- regards the UK's National Health Service suffering more confidential data losses through laptops and devices...

Such events merely (without trivializing) highlight the human capacity to ERR biggish time. Is it not possible for tech to help? If info systems through to mobile devices had a sense of where they are and their status as carrying sensitive data recognised through digital IDs - plus additional meta-dynamic data, then cogeographic awareness might result? I blogged about this with ref to conceptual spaces -


This would be an artificial example and would make it possible for data previously designated as confidential to self-destruct - 'e-vaporate' if it found itself beyond a given combined virtual environment and . or physical environment hospital, Trust boundary, SHA, National border...? This facility already exists no doubt in security services - as suggested in the realms of MI and 007. Cogeographic or  (cogneographic) may be a neologism and seeks to conjoin the cognitive (cognition) involved in defining, representing and using concepts in conceptual spaces; AND the finding that knowledge is invariably situated - that is knowledge has a geography. Copies of NHS data could have a geography too...?

Peter Jones
Hodges Health Career - Care Domains - Model
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I stumbled across the following that I believe will be of interest.  I'm wondering how such a technology as that demonstrated in this video might affect "double stimulation" experiment o various kinds. 


any comments?


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