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RE: [xmca] Fwd: Notebooks of LSV

Hello Louise:

In The History of the Development of Higher Mental Functions (Collected 
Works 1997)  Vygotsky writes,

"In the experiment (sorry, don't know specifically what experiment), the 
child creates tallies, that is, numerical records suchy as are widely used 
by people, without knowing how to count.  Cards, chips, strings and cubes 
lie before him and he discovers the required functional meaning of these 
objects. . .Most essential is the fact that the child carries out a series 
of operations externally in order to solve the internal problem of 
remembering.  This result, which seems banal at first glance, which we all 
seem to kow, which consists of remembering with the aid of writing, is 
disclosed in the experiment as a genetic fact.  We are now able for the 
first time to pinpoint the moment of transition itself, the moment of 
inventing writing, and second, to explain at once the profound change that 
takes place in the child in the transition from direct to mediated 
remembering. (p.188)

The use of the word 'genetic' is so profound in his descrition of how a 
person develops higher psychological functioning.  Not in the imbedded in 
DNA type genetics but in the essence of there being an actually 
documentable (word?) 'AHA!' moment.  The goal oriented activity of writing 
for your son has mediated this jump in vocabulary.  I am curious, do you 
perceive this increase in vocabulary to be for your son's entertainment or 
is he actively seeking interactive communication?


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I found the first section of the Notebook very interesting as it discussed 
written language as compared to spoken language. My son has aspergers, and 
the his verbal vocabulary has been increasing as he learns to write. He 
appears to be learning to talk, by first learning to write and read......


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Attached is the PDF file from Soviet Psychology. Achilles thought it might 
be of general interest.

PS-- Basov!! There is a double issue of Soviet Psych on his work. Nice 
that Valsiner could nail the M.A. Levina ref.
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