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RE: [xmca] Fwd: Notebooks of LSV

Thanks Haidy and Google, we have the Introduction to Part 2.
Valsiner and van der Veer. Introduction. [Structuring of conduct
in activity settings - the forgotten contributions of Mikhail Basov.
Part 2] Soviet Psychology. Volume 29 (January-December 1991).
M. E. Sharpe.

Would be very interesting if Soviet Psychology could stay on-line,
like other important journals from Sharpe, for paid single downloads, 
credit card debit, and so on, like other journals. It is a wonderful source 
to searchers, a beautiful and important editorial enterprise of that times... 
And their numbers are limited... I guess that is not easy, even today, 
make more available all that cultural patrimony. I don't know if there is
some way to order to Sharpe, single printed issues from the Journal, if
so its interesting too. In Brazil must be only one library that have this
Journal - and I don't know if they has the complete collection, but even
so, there is no on-line services, the communication is bad, people don't
answer to e-mails, and the services are very expensive. There are not
a democratic access to knowledge in this cultural tradition of Soviet
Psychology... We feel this ever like archaeologists searching for rare, 
encrypted documents... This confers a kind of romantic air to this task, 
but is not really very good, because if more people have access to 
knowledge we have more people to talk with about the matters of our 
theoretical and practical interest... But I see that here in XMCA some 
keys to encrypted codes are given, thanks Mike, Dorothy, the Russian 
colleges, Haidy, and all the generous people here.

Thank you very much.

>From Brazil, far way the Library of Alexandria. 

> Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:24:07 -0700
> From: lchcmike@gmail.com
> To: xmca@weber.ucsd.edu
> Subject: [xmca] Fwd: Notebooks of LSV
> Attached is the PDF file from Soviet Psychology. Achilles thought it might
> be of general interest.
> mike
> PS-- Basov!! There is a double issue of Soviet Psych on his work. Nice that
> Valsiner could nail the M.A. Levina ref.

Emoticons e Winks super diferentes para o Messenger. Baixe agora, é grátis!

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