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Re: [xmca] evaluation and CHAT


Can you please mention very briefly what is the situation about
Vygotsky's theory in Greek universities? Is there a certain number of
Vygotskian scholars?

Here in Turkey, although Vygotsky is known, this is quite
superficially and his theory has not a place in universities, almost


Ulvi Icil

On 08/07/2009, Plakitsi Katerina <kplakits@cc.uoi.gr> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> what is the meaning of effectiveness (in teaching and learning) into the
> sociocultural context? We need feedback in order to proceed with the
> evaluation (need of epistemological and material tools) of an innovative
> teaching program where we designh school science classroom activities using
> elements of the History and the Philosophy of science in ICT environment.
> Thank you all in advance.
> Katerina
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