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[xmca] FW: CJES - New Issue Published

   Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences (CJES) has just published its
latest issue at http://www.world-education-center.org/cjes. We invite you to
review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to and review
articles and items of interest. If you would like you may register the
journal, and submit your study for considering publication.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

Huseyin Uzunboylu, Ph.D.

CJES, Editor-in-Chief

Near East University



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Fax +903926802023


Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences

Vol 4, No 7, (2009): Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences

Table of Contents




Message from the Editor-in-Chief

   Hüseyin Uzunboylu

Virtual-based training and critical thinking in higher-level education

   Kalayanee Jitgaru,      Anuvat Tongsakul

Enhancing equal opportunities in higher education: A new merit-based
admission model

   Boaz Shulruf,   John Hattiea,   Rolf Turneraqa, Sarah Tumena,   Meisong

Secondary school teacher candidates' attitudes toward science

   Cengiz Aslan,   Berna Aslan

Analysis of a Learning Community as a Social Network

   Nina Bijedic,   Indira Hamulic

Application of ordinal logistic regression and artifical neural networks in
a study of student satistaction

    Meral Yay,     Eylem Deniz Akıncı

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