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[xmca] Why Does LSV Compare 3 and 7 Year Olds?

I'm having some trouble. In Chapter Seven, p. 261 of Vol 1, Vygotsky is showing us that so-called egocentric speech is becoming structurally and functionally differentiated from social speech. The egocentric speech of the three year old is quite similar to his communictive speech. But four years later the picture is very different.
The problem is that in this paragraph he seems to be comparing the egocentric speech of the seven year old with the social speech of a three year old. Why would he do that? Why doesn't he compare like with like, the egocentric speech of a seven year old with the social speech of a seven year old?
"В 3 года отличие этой речи от коммуникативной речи ребенка почти равно нулю. В 7 лет перед нами речь, которая почти по всем своим функциональным и структурным особенностям отличается от социальной речи трехлетки."
Meccaci has: "At 3 years the difference between this speech and the communicative speech of the child is almost zero, while at 7 this speech differs (entirely and completely, one hundred percent)* in almost all its functional and structural special features from the social speech of three-year-olds. 
(Another mystery! Meccaci notes that the words in parentheses were omitted in 1982, but I can't find them in the Labirinth edition which is supposedly based on the 1934 text.)
David Kellogg
Seoul National University of Education

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