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[xmca] About Nazim Hikmet

David, apologizes for beign so late.

Here are some comments for your questions


Nazim Hikmet is the first Turkish poet who started to write without a
certain rhyme and without a defined meter. The first Turkish one who
tried to give the form to the poem according to its content. His first
trials correspond to 1920s. There are earlier steps done towards free
verse before him but Nazim Hikmet is the first serious one. He knows
French poetry and before learning Russian, he saw Mayakovsky's verses
(he knew 1920s avant-garde art milieu) and this should have encouraged
him. In Nazim Hikmet, one should mention not the disappearance of
measure and rhyme, but rather it being more free. Nazim uses the
measure and rhyme as possibilities in terms of the rhythm and sound of
the poem and uses these for a diversity.
It is highly probable that he used that sentence and the content of
that sentence is a generally admitted fact about Nazim Hikmet.
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