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[xmca] One potential AERA symposium:

It appears as if we may have a quorum for an AERA symposium on a theme
that focuses
on something like:

"Transforming higher education through engagement in education outside
the university"

Susan Jurow
Emily Duvall
Peter Smagorinsky
Deborah Downing & Mike Cole

all appear interested and have a variety of models that range from
teaching future teachers to
teaching a broad range of undergraduate majors and from engagement
directly with schools
to involvement in afterschool activities.

Seems like we could use a discussant if anyone would like a roll as
official kibbitzer.

Perhaps there is more and varied interest in the general questions of
improving higher ed so
by all means xmca-o-phytes should respond to yesterdays invite and
reminder that AERA
deadlines come up soon.

Issues of language instruction appear another obvious line of approach
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