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[xmca] Where were you?

Is anyone else experience temporal vertigo?
Today/Yesterday Tienamen square. National Public Radio reminds people with
iconic images of what
happened from OUR pov and the former Chinese official, who died a few years
ago, has a book published with audio
tapes about what was happening inside the Chinese politburo by a guy who
ended up under house arrest for
the rest of his life for refusing to set troops on the students. Not sure
whose point of view.

David Kel. Perhaps you can help here?

Obama walks a tightrope in Egypt. Right and wrong, honest and dissembling
(If you do not believe me,
check any local tv station).

And then heads to Buchenwald and from there to Normandy.

The New York Times has a story on how many (thousands) of death camps there
were all over Europe.
An historical ruse? Auschwitz was not a ruse. Seeing it was one of the most
upsetting experiences of my
life...... the names on the carboard suitcases, my family names.

Then Obama is off to  Normandy.

Remember Normandy? I do. Crackle crackle on the radio. Spielburg

But do we remember Kursk? What happened in Kursk? How far is Kursk from Babi
Yar? From the Katin forest?

Vertigo. A Hitchcock movie. As i recall.
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