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[xmca] ning

Here's one example, although you need to be a member to use it:

Peter Smagorinsky
Professor of English Education and Program Coordinator
The University of Georgia
125 Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602

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I've recently heard about something called a "ning", which from what I
can gather seems to be a way to set up your own small scale networking
site (like a mini facebook) for your own circle of users. It seems to me
this might be an ideal way for classrooms (or groups of classrooms or
teachers) to explore this technology and be able to share their work
without worrying about what else they might come into contact with on
facebook, myspace or youtube etc.

I haven't investigated it fully yet, but am wondering if it might be the
sort of thing that will be useful for my research project on
professional learning. Perhaps someone else has some more infromation
about nings?

Helen Grimmett

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