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From: Viv Ellis [mailto:viv.ellis@education.ox.ac.uk] 

Dear colleagues

I wondered, if you had a moment, you could circulate, by any of your usual
channels, the URL for details of an academic vacancy in our department here
at Oxford :


The vacancy is a main career grade vacancy but with the preference for a
senior colleague who could be awarded a professorial title. It is in
'professional education' - which is very open - and although no 'subject' is
specified, I personally would appreciate a colleague in language, English or
someone in the cultural-historical line. But I'm not on the selection panel!

That does mean that I can talk to people about the background to the post,
however, via email or telephone.

University lecturer plus a college fellowship at Oxford is a good position
and once tenured equivalent to the US associate professor rank. As the
advertisement indicates, however, what are termed 'titles of distinction'
are on offer. Beyond the core focus on teacher education, research
leadership and strategy, it strikes me it is pretty much what someone wants
to make of it.

Many thanks for reading.

Viv Ellis

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