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RE: [xmca] teaching Vygotsky

Dear Shirley
I teach elements of Vygotskian theory to student teachers as part of their Educational Studies module at Queen's University in Belfast. These students are doing a one-year Master's level certificate programme to qualify them to teach in post-primary schools (ages 11-18), having completed a degree in their subject specialism. I also teach Vygotsky to serving teachers on a variety of Master's modules (eg educational technology; cognitive psychology)
My research into Vygotsky was stimulated by the scant and surface level treatment of his work in all the textbooks for the students - a lot of it was actually WRONG!!
I am trying to demystify Vygotsky and make his work more accessible and reliable for teachers (and parents)...
I am also studying the influences of literature on Vygotsky's work - indeed a labour of love.
In less than 3 weeks I am going to the Vygotsky summer school in Russia, kindly organised by Elina and Dot. It should be an amazing experience!
Best wishes

Dr Colette Murphy
Senior Lecturer
School of Education
Queen's University Belfast
69-71 University Street
Belfast BT7 1HL
tel: ++ 44 28 9097 5953
fax: ++ 44 28 9023 9263
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We are doing some research into courses which teach about Vygotsky.
Would really welcome feedback in terms of course name and level, and  

Thanks so much for your co-operation

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