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From: Martin Packer <packer who-is-at>
Date: Tue Dec 23 2008 - 08:21:42 PST

Talking of cost, does anyone know why most of the six volumes of the
Springer edition of Vygotsky's collected works seem to be out of print? Used
copies can cost over $100. The only good news seems to be that Amazon sells
a Kindle (e-book) edition of some (only) of the volumes for about $50 (which
is still not exactly cheap). Are there any plans to publish a paperback
edition of these volumes? Santa tells me he can't afford what's available!


On 12/21/08 4:21 PM, "Mike Cole" <> wrote:

> Michael Roth and I have been seeking ways to make MCA more available to
> people. An electronic-only
> version does not seem a promising possibility at present, but Michael
> reminds me that you can get a
> substantial discount:
> Mike, for ISCAR members, there is a discount. MCA costs only 43USD. (
> (2008 figures).
> There are other interesting pubs discounted there as well, and instructions
> on how to get MCA with a discount.
> If MCA is still out of your reach at the current $43 rate, please contact me
> personally.
> mike
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