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Haydi, your post is 5,700 words, and discontinuous excerptes
rather than a coherent argument, spanning across operations
and actions as well as activities. I find it impossible to
respond to this. The first excerpt says:

"in the total flow of activity that forms human life, in its
higher manifestations mediated by psychic reflection,
analysis isolates separate (specific) activities in the
first place according to the criterion of motives that
elicit them."

I.e., the motive defines the "unit" of activity.

And in the following excerpt ANL places the word "units" in
inverted commas. These inverted commas are a consistent
practice with ANL, i.e., that he did not actually get to a
point of being able to define what these units were,

"The “units” of human activity also form its macrostructure.
The special feature of the analysis that serves to isolate
them is that it does so not by means of breaking human
activity up into elements but by disclosing its
characteristic internal relations."

What do you make of you these two excerpts?


Haydi Zulfei wrote:
> Dear all,
> Here is attached the second part of excerpts of Leontief's (A,C,P) in relation to the questions * What Is *an* Activity?/ *a* motive ? *
> Best
> Haydi
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