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From: Derek Melser <derek.melser who-is-at>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 15:17:04 PST

I was looking up Tomasello's 'Origins of Human Communication' on google
books -- as you were writing this last email of yours, as it happens --
hoping to browse the bit on folk psychology, but it assures me there is no
reference to 'folk psychology' in the entire book. How can this be???

2008/12/16 Andy Blunden <>

> Oops, I meant Michael Tomasello. (I realised this while asleep last night!
> Isn't that weird?)
> Andy
> Andy Blunden wrote:
>> Michael Thomasino has a nice bit about "folk psychology" in his "Origins
>> of Human Communication" where he points out that folk psychology exists as a
>> real force in human life and goes from there into a very interesting
>> argument. You should have a look at it.
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