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Wolf-Michael Roth wrote:

     "Students CANNOT intend the very thing that they are
asked to, namely learn a concept. To be able to orient themselves
intentionally to the concept, they need to know it, but if they
already know it, they don't have to orient toward learning it."

That is so well stated and I believe the exact reason why people have an
inate drive for conceptual thinking. It is the ability to carry a vast
amount of technical and informational 'stuff' in a very compact space,
namely the human mind. The purpose of conceptual thinking is so things do
not need to be relearned. Once a person has figured out to construct
mitred joints (a process that can be taught but is best learned by doing)
then that person can use that knowledge at the work site, at home, at a
friend's house, etc. Culture has something to do with providing the
elements for a person to learn joinery but there are numerous examples of
people NOT following the cultural path; Wittgenstein, Warren Buffet, Dale
Carnegie, Francis of Assisi,etc.

Andy, Steve and others:

I have stated this in the past and know that this forum is not one to find
any fault with Marx, but I believe as a Cultural and historical economic
mind he was foremost but as a theorist of human development his ideas do
not hold up. The object is a sense of self but that is found within before
it is found without. Once it is found within it is translated to others
and then ultimately it is seen as both subject and object. That is the
tripartite. This I believe LSV got from Spinozo, whom I believe was the
premier philosopher for LSV and not Marx.


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